General Questions about PRM Accelerator

Nov 9, 2010 at 4:15 PM


I have two general questions about the PRM accelerator. First, we do not already have a partner portal created. Do we need to have a partner portal already created to connect to or is the partner portal created as part of the PRM accelerator installation?

My second question: We are using OnPremise and I've watched the video and looked at the "Partner Portal Deployment_Guide_OnPremise_V1.0". On step 6, page 11: The final step in the CRM preparation is to upload the intial website content into Microsoft Dynamics CRM using the websitecopy utility...

Can we use http://crmapptest:5555/CRMSBX/ as the server? If not, can you provide an example of what we should be using?

For the username and password, whose account are we supposed to use for this? Should we use the username/password of the person doing the installation? Or, should we create a service account? If we create a service a account what kind of permissions does it need? Does the account need to be a user in CRM?


Holly Myers